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5 Reasons You Should Attend “Successful Applications of Customer Analytics”


Here are five reasons why you should attend AIAB’s annual conference, Successful Applications of Customer Analytics.

1. Industry Agnostic
This year’s content features experts from a diverse pool of industries: non-profit; sports, entertainment, retail, finance, tech, and airlines. Customer – and more broadly – business analytics is so hot right now because every sector has something to gain from it.

2. Analytics in Practice
“Successful Applications of Customer Analytics” boasts a speaker lineup of experts who will present their own case studies and experiences from the ever-changing world of customer analytics. The day will offer everything from intimate fireside chats to comprehensive case studies; our audience will hear about the “nuts-and-bolts” of case studies as well as the bigger picture of analytics and how it’s been an integral facet of their business.

3. Interactive
We want you to come with tons of questions and leave with them answered. We’ve allotted plenty of Q&A time with each presenter and panel. AIAB has made sure that it’s easy to get your questions asked and answered with Pigeonhole.

4. Vast Networking Opportunities
There are over 60 unique organizations registered for the conference. Attendees will have the chance to meet and talk with other practitioners who are focused on customer analytics.

5. Free sharing of Ideas
“Successful Applications of Customer Analytics” is about the sharing of ideas and solutions to further the advancement of customer analytics. AIAB wants our audience to come away with a long list of contacts and topics to learn more about.


Location, location, location
The 2016 conference is located in Philly’s brand new luxury hotel, The Logan Hotel, located on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Learn more about the conference and watch a video of AIAB Co-Directors, Pete Fader and Eric Bradlow, talk about why they are excited about this year’s event.