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Available Data Set for Academics

Research Opportunity: Building a Customer Experience (CX) Index

AIAB is pleased to announce a new data set provided by Microsoft, a technology corporation that provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services and software to consumers. Focusing on their customers within the healthcare industry, Microsoft is interested in developing a CX Index that can inform how the use of Microsoft solutions by individual healthcare entities is associated with patient outcomes, business scores, and fulfillment of healthcare-specific industry priority scenarios (IPS). These IPS are used by their sales teams to track customer outcomes and recommend additional products.

The company is specifically interested in working with researchers affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania on the following areas of research:

  • Evaluate the engagement state of a customer and fulfillment of Microsoft defined IPS, and if fulfillment is associated with use of specific Microsoft solutions 
  • Compare adoption of IPS with the industry standard, nearest neighbor, and other companies, side by side
  • Correlate customer engagement with consumption of Microsoft services 

You must be affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania to access this dataset.