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Subscription Game Recommendation

Company: Electronic Arts │ Industry: Video Gaming

Academic researchers used EA’s purchase, play, and upgrade data for individual players to help the global gaming company predict future purchase behavior and estimate customer lifetime value.

Analytics Accelerator

Customers of A Feather
Engage Together

Company: NeuroFlow  │  Industry: Healthcare, Technology

A multidisciplinary student team used k-means clustering and a random forest model to detect users with a low likelihood of retention and identify which product designs, promotional offerings, or custom reminders, would potentially retain those customers.

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Thought Leadership

Artificial Intelligence Risk & Governance

By: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Risk & Security Working Group (AIRS)

As financial services firms evaluate the potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI), for example: to enhance the customer experience and garner operational efficiencies, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Risk and Security (“AIRS”) is committed to furthering this dialogue and has drafted the following overview discussing AI implementation and the corresponding potential risks firms may wish to consider in formulating their AI strategy.

Case Studies & White Papers

AIAB’s case studies and white papers showcase how our corporate partners have benefited through participating in our student and faculty research projects.

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Rethinking Analytics – Dealing with the K

Analytics is increasingly becoming the backbone of decision making across functional areas and industries the world over. We believe that this capability, which is often a key differentiator, is set to play a significant role in the new economic order established in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Markets in Motion Study: What Every CMO Needs to Know to Make Marketing Decisions During The Covid-19 Recession

This study is designed to help CMOs learn from the past and make the best possible decisions about where, how, and when to invest to maximize firm revenues, profits, and share.

Voice Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Future Directions for a post-COVID world

As the adoption of IoT and voice-enabled technology has become mainstream, we see a post-COVID world of innovation in voice technology products and analytics, and disruption in traditional growth of ecosystem to support it.

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