Courses for Professionals

Find available AI and business analytics courses and programs for professionals offered in person and online.

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Artificial Intelligence for Business is an online program for learners seeking a competitive edge in emerging business technology. Technology-oriented professionals, online marketers, statisticians, automation innovators, and data professionals will benefit from this four-week certificate.

A/B Testing Simulation

For Instructors

The A/B Testing Simulation is modeled after real-world interfaces, the Simulation provides students with a highly interactive look into the world of A/B testing, and engages them throughout the entire process – from setting up questions to reading the outcome data to find actionable insights. We encourage faculty members around the globe to participate.

Business Analytics: From Data to Insights

Wharton’s three-month online certificate program — Business Analytics: From Data to Insights — provides managers and leaders an understanding of how analytics can help improve their decision-making process. This program will help you look at data and identify insights, improve your ability to make predictions for the long term, and prescribe future actions that help make better business decisions.

Customer Analytics for Growth Using Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data

Wharton Executive Education proudly offers Customer Analytics for Growth Using Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data will give you the discipline for and understanding of how to leverage your data to transform existing business strategies and level the playing field for firms that were just beginning to harness the power of analytics. In this program, you will learn how to use AI concepts and tools to sharpen your analytics mindset and enable a fully digital business strategy. You will also discover how to bridge any knowledge gap that may exist between your data science teams and the C-suite and convert model-based recommendations into actionable insights and better managerial decisions.

Machine Learning for Business Decisions

Gain hands-on experience with machine learning. You’ll get your own Jupyter notebooks with actual code to run against hundreds of thousands of rows of real data from Evite. Conduct exploratory data analysis, assessing and cleaning data, and then build, train, test, and evaluate machine learning models (using XGBoost). Lean on business reasoning to increase model performance through feature engineering and use your persuasion skills to convince key stakeholders of your approach.