Faculty Research Projects

Explore complex data and business challenges through a carefully structured research opportunity with AIAB’s global
consortium of 3,700+ top-tier academic researchers who use innovative approaches to analyzing data.



Crowdsource Proposals

Crowdsource research proposals from 3,700+ academics from leading global institutions to address your business challenges


Innovate Business Intelligence

Champion the creation of innovative business intelligence tools that can be used in industry


Verify Business Practices

Leverage empirical evidence derived from data analytics to pressure test your business practices and decision making

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Faculty Research Projects

Gain access to 3,700+ academics, create innovative business tools, work alongside faculty.

Faculty Research Projects usually span 12-24 months and range from using one to several highly customized academic teams. Wharton faculty work with you to identify and scope a project, recruit top academic researchers, and facilitate meetings and project checkpoints until research completion.

“The Annalect research project was an incredible partnership and a great success. It took literally more than a year of work, and I cannot express how impressed I was with the results of this collaboration. AIAB’s work, supervision, guidance, and project leadership were a bright example of excellence.”

– Anna Nicanorova, WG’11

Chief Technology Officer
Annalect, an Omnicom Media Group Company

$150,000/ two years
*Two-year Commitment. $75,000 annually.

Recent Projects

Collaborative Research Opportunity: Customer Lifetime Value for Business-To-Business Customers

A brand new collaborative research opportunity with a leading supplier of industrial products and services, who is seeking research proposals on customer lifetime value (CLV) research for business-to-business customers who purchase non-contractually through several channels.

Research Opportunity with Majid Al Futtaim

The firm is interested in sponsoring a wide variety of research to gain a deeper understanding of its customers, including estimating the firm’s total share of wallet, targeting direct marketing and cross-promotions, forecasting demand, and quantifying the ROI of Net Promoter Score.

Collaborative Research Opportunity with Electronic Arts

The goal is to develop a tool that will suggest new games to users to keep them engaged in the platform.