Students Gain Skills, Experience, and Camaraderie During Spring 2022 Analytics Accelerator

AI and Analytics for Business (AIAB) was thrilled to host the ninth Analytics Accelerator this Spring semester. Over the course of six weeks, seven student teams worked with AIAB partners – Firstrust Bank, Fox Entertainment, IKEA, The Philadelphia Orchestra & Kimmel Center, Inc., and McDonald’s – using advanced data analytics techniques to solve unique business problems.Read More

Wharton Students Help Zillow Turn Data into Results

Analytics Accelerator Zillow Team

The Zillow project promised to be a tough one. The online real estate company wanted to find meaningful patterns in the copious data it collects on site visitors, so the leaders turned to AI and Analytics for Business for help. The project was put into the Analytics Accelerator, giving Zillow access to a team of Wharton and Penn students who worked for seven weeks to solve the problem. Keshav Ramji, W’24 EAS’24, who is earning a dual degree in economics and computer science, was one of those students.Read More